Declare independence

Content as Code

Contentlab launches the declarative CMS revolution: Use GraphQL to specify a Content Model, then watch Contentlab assemble itself exactly as instructed. No coding required.

Inspired by Success

Describe, Don't Build

Declarative systems have revolutionized how Cloud infrastructure is managed. Contentlab brings this power to the world of CMSs.

"What" not "How"

Your Content Model describes what content needs to be managed. Contentlab automates the "how".

Fully Version Controlled

Everything in Contentlab exists within a Git repository of your choice. Get 100% reproducible results - every time.

Composable at Heart

MACH core. Max results.

Built from the ground up for composable architectures, Contentlab provides a lean core of well-defined content management services.

Craft not Cruft

Specialized. Simplified.

Contentlab is light-weight and purpose-built for composable architectures.

Made for Composition

Contentlab intentionally strips out all cruft that CMSs have accumulated over time. Let other specialist systems handle these responsibilites instead.


Contentlab is built on GraphQL at its core. Simply extend your content graph with data from other systems using Apollo Federation.


Build Conflict-free CMS Workflows

Git's branching and merging capabilities empower millions of development teams. And now your content teams, too!

CMS Flow

Enable Fully Parallel Content Development

Git branches isolate changes so one team doesn't get tripped up by another team. Think "Environments" on steroids.

Merge Requests

Content and model changes can be reviewed and signed off before merging to any other branch.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are automatically detected before reaching production. Resolve them safely in-branch, then merge.

Retain Control

Your content. Your decisions.

Who gets access? Which content is valid? Let your developers take control through our extension points.

  • Permission hooks
  • Validation hooks
  • User-based access
  • Role-based access
  • Team-based access
  • OpenID integration